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Kopš 2007 gada braukāju ar elektrovelosipēdu . Pirmais bija čaklās Ķīniešu tautas ražojums , bet ar laiku sāku pats dažāda veida velosipēdus aprīkot ar elektromotoru par to tad arī sadaļā darbnīca . Bloga daļā vairāk par to kas interesants uztaisīts pasaulē kā arī dažādi velokultūras jaunumi , bet pārsvarā par elektrovelosipēdiem un ar to saistītām lietām. Protams nepretendēju uz absolūto patiesību un pieļauju ka informācija var strauji novecot jo tehnika attīstās mežonīgos ātrumos

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Kravas ebike – lielās mammas

Written by Pulkvedis. Posted in E-bikes

Cargo Electric Bikes: Big Mommas


One genre of bike that fits the electric bike utility nicely is the cargo bike. Because of the nature of a cargo bike there is a lot of space to hide batteries, controllers and wiring and still have plenty of left over space for a baby or two.

For an electric biker, the extra few pounds that a cargo bike frame weighs is of no serious significance or consequence , especially given the extra capacity for battery stowage. Basically, with a cargo bike you will be able to toss into the bags as much lithium battery as you’re able to shake your  credit card at , with storage space and weight capacity finally being a non-issue! Once a cargo bike is rolling they are designed to handle well even when weighted down.  Your only issue with the heavy cargo bike will be when it comes to parking.

Notice 1000w rear hub motor. Imagine all the battery you can carry in that battery box under the solar cell which serves as a charger.

A cargo bike is one of the best frame choices for an electric bike because of its capability to hold many pounds of battery. Not only that, but your imagination can run wild on everything else that they can carry.  How about 300 bananas for mammas frozen daiquiri corner stand?  What about styrofoam bricks for your brothers foam house? Owning a cargo electric bike can be like owning a truck…but be careful…pretty soon everyone will want a favor or a pick up. It’s like owning a truck.


Check out Splendid Cycles beautiful electric big rig they use for delivering bicycles to their store in Oregon. Splendid Cycles builds some of the most beautiful long-john electric cargo bikes I have ever seen.

Cargo Electric Bikes, the Pros

  1. Unlike a pedal cargo bike, an electric cargo bike is not slow, and can go as fast as you set it up to go.
  2. Tons of Battery storage. Need high volts for hill climbing (72V+), and also lots of Ah for long range? with a cargo bike, you can easily have both.
  3. Tons of cargo capacity, You can actually use it to get stuff from the store.
  4. Ability to take passengers.
  5. Kids love riding on Cargo Bikes.
  6. Easy to go stealth and hide the electrics behind cargo bags.
  7. Since you are a cargo bike you have a good excuse to be electric…acceptance among other bikers.
  8. Not a hot ticket for bike thieves.
  9. Long wheelbase and fat tire capability are good for high speed, even if you don’t care about cargo.
  10. Sturdy non-suspension front forks, and the even weight distribution make them ideal candidates for simple front wheel drive hubs.

Cargo Electric Bike Cons

  1. Hard to store, you need a space big enough to roll your big and heavy cargo bike into (biggest drawback).
  2. Because they are not in mass production, they tend to be expensive.
  3. Not practical for riding  off road.
  4. Front suspension forks do not work well on cargo electric bikes because of its front heavy weight balance.
  5. Can be unwieldy and not as fun to ride as shorter wheel base ride.
  6. You have no excuse not to help your friend move:

mid drive motor. Photo credit: Jeremy Harris


If you live in suburbia, are blessed with  a big garage,  use your bike mostly on the street, plan to carry loads with your E-bike, have kids…a cargo ebike might be the perfect solution for you. Cargo electric bikes are a fun and healthy way to tote your children around. Imagine the joy your child will feel riding in the open air compared to riding home in a car…these are days your child will always remember and maybe he/she will grow up and be part of the healthy biking culture:

This rider is using a Stoke Monkey mid drive, and making lifelong memories for his 3 kids

There are many kinds of cargo E-bikes, and to make it simple, lets break it down into 3 styles.