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Kopš 2007 gada braukāju ar elektrovelosipēdu . Pirmais bija čaklās Ķīniešu tautas ražojums , bet ar laiku sāku pats dažāda veida velosipēdus aprīkot ar elektromotoru par to tad arī sadaļā darbnīca . Bloga daļā vairāk par to kas interesants uztaisīts pasaulē kā arī dažādi velokultūras jaunumi , bet pārsvarā par elektrovelosipēdiem un ar to saistītām lietām. Protams nepretendēju uz absolūto patiesību un pieļauju ka informācija var strauji novecot jo tehnika attīstās mežonīgos ātrumos

New ebikes in the German Post fleet

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he Deutsche Post plans to renew its ebike fleet. Here you have a real utility bike!

Deutsche-Post-ebike-03The German Post had earlier some nice flagship like that:


They plan a new version now, which is tested at some district of Berlin already. We have some news from Luke Guttery, who disclosed some details about the new bike. Click on he picture to magnify!

Deutsche-Post-ebike-01The new bike gets a 1300W s-pedelec drive, which has a range of 35 km. The motor is built into the rear hub. The battery is hidden in the box near to the crank. The bike is built by the German Grace (they produce the Smart ebike too).


An e-bike for Deutsche Post by Luke Guttery

Deutsche-Post-ebike-side1Luke Guttery, of Axon56 design lab, recently sent me these images from a project that he has been working on for Deutsche Post. The electric bike, designed specifically for use by the postal service in Germany, is a collaborative design effort with Grace GmbH and Nicolai GmbH (a company that Luke believes is the highest precision bicycle manufacturer in the world).

Deutsche-Post-ebike-warehouseLuke can’t release too many detailed specs on the bikes at the moment, but he points out that there are quite a few “working prototypes cruising the streets Berlin streets as we speak.”  The bikes are currently under testing and a second design revision is underway, so it won’t be much longer before these bikes are commonplace in Germany

Luke explains that the “design started with simple sketches on paper, looking at symmetrical shapes and how to maximize storage capacity on the bike.” As with most design projects, quite a few sketch and 3d rendering revisions were required to get to the engineering phase of the development process. The sketches, renderings, and photos shown here give you a glimpse into that design process, and we can look forward to seeing the final design once it is completed and put into use by German postal carriers.






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